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Body Transformation 

You can, and you will. I'm here to help you make it possible. 

Stop Wishing Start Doing


Body Fat



Mobility and 


Lift Spirit

and Mood



Better Sleep

Together, you and I can make your fitness goals possible. I only work with individuals that are 100% committed to change. 

The one-on-one in-person training program consists of one hour sessions. All programs are customized for each client based on their fitness goals. Whether clients are interested in losing a few pounds, targeting specific areas, sports conditioning, achieving a healthier lifestyle, or a complete body transformation, the program offers a solution that works for you.

I also offer partner and small group training, which includes all of the same elements as our personal training sessions but is structured for small groups of 2–4 clients. Working out with a partner can spur motivation as well as joy. Small group training is great for friends, co-workers, or bridal parties; still allowing for individualized attention but at a cost savings versus one-on-one training.

Training sessions include an initial 30 min consultation to know your general fitness, health history and learn about your individual needs and goals. I will track progress on body fat loss, measure your mobility score, maximum strength, vo2 and aerobic capacity, spirometry, resting blood pressure and blood pressure response to exercise.



One on One

Session/ Blocks

1 x 60min - $100

8 x 60min - $700

12 x 60min - $1000

Partner Training (2ppl)

Session/ Blocks

1 x 60 min -$140

8 x 60min - $1000

12 x 60min - $1400

Group Training (4ppl)


1 x 60 min - $160

8 x 60min - $1200

12 x 60min - $1700

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